Preserving Gurmat Sangeet

Our goal is to empower individuals to deepen their understanding of Gurmat Sangeet and preserve its legacy.

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Nurturing engaging discussions where participants can exchange ideas, delve deeper into Gurmat Sangeet, and to gain new perspectives from diverse viewpoints.


Facilitating a dynamic learning environment that equips individuals with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in Gurmat Sangeet.


Fostering connections among enthusiasts of Gurmat Sangeet, fostering collaboration, support, and a sense of community for lifelong growth.

Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of experts, passionate about preserving and promoting Gurmat Sangeet. With their profound knowledge and unwavering commitment, they are here to guide and inspire you on your musical journey.

Harlove Singh

Lead Instructor

Loveleen Kaur

COntent Director

Avneet Singh

Finance Coordinator

Tavleen Kaur

Social Media Manger