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SikhTeens is a nonprofit organization based in Chicago, Illinois that serves Sikh youth around the world. The organization was founded to help young Sikhs connect with their faith. SikhTeens recognized that many young people face challenges in connecting with their religion, such as language barriers, living in small Sikh communities, and cultural differences between the East and West.

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Read articles written by our very own Sikh Youth on pressing topics in our modern day issues.


Listen to our very own Rahao Podcast, where we discuss various topics in Sikhi and Gurmat.
Explore our very own SikhTeens Toolkits for guides that approach issues in a safe and Sikhi Oriented manner.


This is our very own Gurmat Sangeet Research Internship taught by Bhai Harlove Singh Ji that aims to preserve our heritage.

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We are a collective hoping to give a space and voice to the Sikh Youth

If you are interested in applying to help, working together with us as partners, or want more information, feel free to contact us.

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Connecting the Sikh Youth through discussions


Making sure that every voice is able to freely express itself


Connecting the Sikh Youth through various media forms, such as our articles, podcasts, and much more

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