Hearing the Wheat Fields Still Whisper

A Reader's Guide to the story by Mallika Kaur

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“The “Hearing the Wheat Fields Still Whisper” reader's guide is an invaluable resource designed to assist those navigating Punjab’s historical complexities, human rights violations and generational trauma, especially from the era after 1984. Delving into a landscape marked by conflict and complex questions, the guide serves as a companion for readers of Mallika Kaur's seminal book and encountering the necessary challenges of piecing together recent history . It acknowledges the difficulties in accessing first-hand accounts, particularly due to the reticence of older generations who have been deeply affected by past traumas. Yet, with empathy and clarity, the guide offers a pathway to engaging with the book and the essential history is reintroduces to us. In the face of silence and lost stories, the book stands as a beacon, fostering a deeper appreciation for the resilience and endurance of those whose voices have been marginalized by the passage of time and the biases against faith, gender and/or Punjabi activism."

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